Location: Moosehead Rock

There are two rivers that flow through Mattawa: the Ottawa River, and the Mattawa River. Highway 533 travels along the Ottawa River for a short distance. Just outside of town on this highway, the rocks jut out into the river. The trees create a great haven for resting, the rocks are a wonderful spot for sun bathing. The view is spectacular.

As you leave the highway, stumble down a rugged path and walk into the thin forestry, to your right is the town of Mattawa, to your left is the Ottawa River and the Laurentian Mountains. On the ground is a bed of pine needles, littered with shrubs, rocks, broken beer bottles and the odd pop can. This spot is common for small parties and make-out sessions. The burned-black rock pits are a dead giveaway of any recent shenanigans.

Jade and I will sit out in the sun, on the bare rock, looking over the river and the mountains. With a blue sky, hot sun and cool breeze (the Ottawa river cools down the surrounding air considerably), there is no way anyone is only going to spend 30 minutes here.

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