Why Your Value Exceeds Your Expectations

Isn’t it frustrating when a friend gives up on a story mid-way through, but you know the end is going to blow them away? You know what’s coming and they are going to love what happens next, but they refuse to go on. Whether it’s a T.V. show, a movie, a book, or an adventure game, sometimes it can be hard to see past the  dull, confusing, or scary moments, but getting to the end is always rewarding. To then watch as someone threatens to throw in the towel and drop the story altogether is pure agony. We can threaten to do this to our own story.

Your story can be assassinated by one of the deadliest forces ever – comparison. Comparison is a great scientific tool, used to understand our world. You, however, are not a chemical, an element, or a lab creature. The lie is that you have to become like someone else in order to fit in or be valuable. You are a human being with a body, soul, and spirit, so perfectly unique that no one could ever compare to who you are. When you start to measure yourself by the accomplishments and characteristics of others, you will always find an impossible gap. As you stare at the gap between who you are and who “they” are, you feed the lie that you’re inadequate.

Please don’t let anything ever convince you that you are not enough. Paul explains in 2 Corinthians that comparing ourselves with one another doesn’t actually bring understanding. Although it can be used as an effective tool to interpret our surroundings, comparison was never meant to be used between people. You were created uniquely, with specific design and intent. The people you are using as a measuring stick were designed differently, even if surface similarities are attractive. The truth about “fitting in” is you are the right piece in a life size puzzle, with an important part of the bigger picture that we all need.

When you declare, in thought, word, or deed, that you are worthless because you can’t measure up to someone else, you’re threatening to give up on your story mid-way through. Jesus is the friend that has seen the whole story. Not only does he know your faults, but Jesus is more aware of your design than anyone else. Knowing what you were created for, Jesus wants you to know the one who created you. As you walk with Jesus, getting to know him and Father God better, it is easier to understand how you truly fit in.

Every time you are willing to trust him, the Holy Spirit will lead you to the truth about the world that God created and how valuable you are to him. Comparing yourself to anyone else not only sabotages your soul’s health, it distracts you from the truth. You are uniquely valuable to Father God and everything in his voice echoes this. He does not wish you to be like anyone else except who he has designed you to be. The more you allow your heart to hear him out, the more you are wonderfully surprised to find out how useful you are.

Scripture References: 2 Corinthians 10:12, 1 Corinthians 12.14-18 MSG, John 16:13.