Creativity and Conquerors

Don’t think your world can’t be changed. Everything necessary for your revolution is in your hands. Utilize creativity in the most boring class and watch the world light up around you. Convince yourself that there is a solution to the mess your in and when you walk clean again, you’ll be amazed to find out that the transformation didn’t just happen to you. Humans who think and act like they were created for a reason infect the people around them with life. Some will allow life to pass them by, but it’s a lot more fun to be a part of the crowd that takes every opportunity to face the world with a determined smile.

God formed the world with intent and he created humanity with specific desire. Believing that you are worthless or ugly breaks his heart. This denies God’s ability to create something good. Humanity was called to tame the earth and make sure it grows into the beauty that God designed for it. We’re not just talking about plants and animals though. He’s given you gifts, talents and an attractive nature that goes beyond your body. If you can’t see it, ask God how he sees you. Even though your flaws are evident (all of ours are), he isn’t measuring them against you. Flaws don’t break his heart. Believing your flaws are who you are breaks his heart.

Living out God’s dreams for you is so powerful that it not only effects the people around you, but also the Earth itself. Jesus isn’t just a name to be worshipped. He is the perfect example of life as a child of God. Man’s original sin forced the rest of humanity to choose like Adam and Eve did; to believe God or believe our own logic. Jesus chose to believe God in every moment of his life and we are still talking about him 2000 years later. Granted, he had a specific purpose in the destiny of the world, being the first born son of God. You will never be the saviour of the world, but you still have an essential place in the course of history.

Creativity chooses to find solutions instead of focusing on the problems. When the Spirit of God resides in you, the same power that defeated death is working in you. There is no limit to the possibilities. You tap into the abundant life that Jesus promised and each stress is another chance to overcome. We are more than conquerors, according to God’s opinion of us. What more could you hope to do than conquer your life? How about creating a new one? Ancient emperors became great, not only for devastating whole lands, but also for building new civilizations that stood for centuries. It’s one thing to lay waste to a city, it’s another matter to rebuild it.

You are a re-builder, working with the Holy Spirit to create a new life out of the tattered remains of abuse, depression, anger, or simply boredom. How can you continually nurture a damaging self image when the creator of the universe has taken up residence in you? Let him move in deeper. Let the Father of Lights furnish your heart and soul with the treasures of Heaven! Know that whatever you’re walking into (school, work, a cruddy home…) is not the reality you have to accept. Deny despair, get creative, and watch that spark of freedom change your world.


*Scriptures reference in the order they appear: Genesis 1:28, Romans 8:11, Romans 8:37, James 1:17, Matthew 6:20-21.


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