Final NaNoWriMo Excerpt

My official word count? 50 189 / 50 000!!!

I’m not done yet. There’s such a huge and amazing story here, I have to finish it. I don’t know if I’ll post any more, but this has been a great experience for me. This is my first time winning the NaNoWriMo challenge, let alone sitting down and remaining dedicated to one piece of writing for so long. I love it!

Here’s some last little snippets from the novel.

“What was in the crate? I’ve been dying to know,” I really was that curious.
Advancing on Shane and I, Rex placed a hand on the splintered wood, “Just some machinery that the windmills have needed. You already know what else was in there. You’ve been pretty resourceful. I don’t know if I should credit you or your old friend there.”
He was trying flattery. I didn’t respond. He wanted a reaction, and he would twist anything to either feed my pride or make himself look like a saint. I just kept my mouth shut. Focusing on the light, I wanted so badly to run this man through, to let him feel the pain he’d let other, forced others to go through. There were myriads of lifetimes of torment that this man would have to endure for Rex to atone for all the pain he’s caused. In the light, I could see the anger and rage creeping up on me. I sought love. There it was, right with me, it never left. At my core, in my soul, feeding my light. I closed my eyes and just fed it. Shane must of seen the conflict inside of me because he put a hand on my shoulder, I could feel our combine illumination strengthening me. I could also feel his inner turmoil. I shared some of the love burning in me with Shane. I don’t know what Rex saw, but he started laughing.
Water from the lake splashed up around us and took us under. There wasn’t aquatic life under the water though. We must have been transported to prison because There was a dark landscape. It was littered with short wooden posts that had people chained to them. All of them were naked and bloodied. I wanted to help each one of them. But Joshua was headed somewhere specific so I followed. It hurt to leave people behind in agony though.
Sure enough, Joshua, stepped forward to meet the enemy armies. The Light inside him drift out and took the form of a man. Pure light standing before us, with an arm on Joshua’s shoulders. The Light looked back at us and winked. He resembled and older version of Joshua. I couldn’t help but shake the sense that I was seeing father and son in their element, doing what they do best. The pair waved the hordes out of excistence, stopped the hunters’ guns from even firing, banshing them as well. All the was left of the dark horde in the square was the Impostor.


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