NaNoWriMo Day 7 Excerpts

NAtional NOvel WRIting MOnth is a friendly competition to see who can write 50 000 words in 30 days. For the entire month of November I will be writing, attempting to hit the 50 000 mark. For three years I’ve tried, and still have yet to succeed. This year I will post excerpts from my novel as often as I remember, in hopes that it will inspire and motivate me to diligently write. These excerpts will be messy and unpolished. That is point behind NaNoWriMo, to write without any regard of finesse. “Literary Abandon” is the term they use. For info on NaNoWriMo, visit

The tile of my novel is “The Watch.” Here is a glimpse at some of my latest work:

NOTE: Today was a real success for me! I wanted to get caught up with where I would have been if I had been writing the 1667 words a day to reach 50K. And I surpassed the expectation! My target was 12K by the end of the day and I’m there!

Day 7 Word Count: 12 153 / 50 000

That’s over 7K words for today! So here’s a few snippets from what I wrote today.


A pause, “You should go home. Just go home Vincent. Not worth your time. You won’t enjoy this one. We all know how you need to smile. Well you won’t be smiling after this one. You’d better pack up.”
Now he had my attention. I was still confused, but what did he know that he would push me away?
“Rusty, you’re holding a secret from me. You know you can trust me. Let in on it!” I was partly pleading, partly playing.
“There’s ecosystems and there’s mechanical systems. There’s natural order, and there’s selection. There’s intention and there’s random. This doesn’t fit.”
Rusty was getting there. He wanted to ramble, but he wasn’t letting himself.
“What is ‘this’,” I asked?
Rusty replied, but didn’t pay attention to the question. He was starting to throw boxes from his pallet much harder now. I was getting concerned.
After a few moments, she swallowed the last bite of her sandwich gave an awkward look.
“How do you stumble into this stuff, Luke?”
I shrugged, “The wolf thing I was looking for. That’s just what I do. But Rusty. That was different. I was unsettled by that.”
“I can tell. But it’s wierd. You see the strangest stuff. I thought an incident like the one with Rusty would have been nothing for you.”
Thinking about this, my fingers drummed on the table top, “I’m used to the unexpected when I’m on watch. I guess this was so out of the ordinary for Rusty that it caught me off guard.”
Geneva gave me look that told me she didn’t quite buy what i was selling, “Oh come on. You’re a watchman. You pay attention to stuff. It’s your job to be on the look out, even when you are necessarily on the job. So don’t try and tell this took you by surprise. There’s something else eating at you.”
It was a woman of the forest. She usually dressed as if she were ready for ball, but her dresses were all made of natural material. Flowers, leaves, grasses, vines, even animal skins and furs. We usually called her Olivia, but she really didn’t have a name. It was just easier to call her something, and she like Olivia. She said it reminded her of her favourite tree, the olive tree. She was the most mysterious, yet the most welcoming of any beings I had ever encountered. Olivia is one i would go to first when I felt troubled or dirty. But sometimes it was nice just to sit and listen to her speak.
The rules of the races were simple; get an object from the starting line to the finish line without your kite touching anything. If it crashed you were out. If it touched another kite, both were out. If it touched a building or fence or anything, you were disqualified from that round. It was a race, so the first one to cross the line with the object still attached to their kite won. However, it was not as simple as being the fastest racer. Kites are tricky to operate, to run with them isn’t always easy, espcially when the wind isn’t cooperating. So it takes creative flying and smart running to be the first one across that finish line.



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