Let God Be Glad

Psalm 104:30
“You send forth your spirit, they are created; and you renew the face of the ground.”

The spirit of the Lord is very real and very powerful. It is the influence that makes us live. It is God’s presence, his nearness, his proximity. Simply being near to the Lord will give us life. Drawing close will create new life in us. He inspires us, draws out the dreams and the creativity.

The spirit of the Lord renews our spirits. The very life in us, what allows us to love and feel, and breathe and think, this part of us is enriched by his spirit. Our inspiration and our sensitivity may be weighed upon by anxieties, surrounding noise, or cheap entertainment, but this spirit, the Holy Spirit heals, cleans and refreshes us, renewing our inspiration and sharpening our sensitivity.
There is productivity and progress in his spirit. He will send forth his spirit into the areas that he wants life to flourish. He has planted his spirit in us, this is God’s guarantee of lasting life for us.

He renews the face of the ground, the soil in our hearts that produces our dreams and his fruit. He literally renews the earth so it will produce a harvest again, but he also gladly and regularly does this in our lives. A desperate and thirsty soul has only to turn their attention to the Lord and they will be made new, replenished, and energized. They will become a thriving soul again.

The next verse says, “Let the glory of the Lord endure forever; Let the Lord be glad in his works.” It is his delight to send the Holy Spirit into his creation. He gets a kick out of redemption. I’m sure it is his pleasure to make things new. An interesting thought is that we “let” him be glad. By our choice to accept his presence, his spirit, we bring delight and glory to the Lord!


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