Some crazy dude named Jesus!

Jesus. The man who’s caused so much controversy for centuries. The cause of the majourity of our questions. The Son of God. The one who’s messed up my life. Yet the one who I am completely lost and desperate without.

We all know the drill, whether we believe it or not. The story of Jesus isn’t exactly an unknown topic in our culture. He’s the Son of God born from this crazy conception that boggles everyone’s minds and came to live, die and save all mankind.

Over time, I’ve noticed that Jesus is someone I take for granted. Most days I never really put any thought into His life and why He came.

Why did Jesus come?

What was the purpose of His life here on earth?

Jesus came to show us how to live. Examining His life and tearing apart how He lived, it reveals how messed up we are and how much we need to change. In a good way, He brings our crap to the surface.

Jesus was selfless, faithful and in every way the essence of love. Through every step He took, everything He touched, everything He spoke, He showed us the right way to live. Not only how to live right with others, but also with God and with our self. He’s the ultimate role model to follow. He answers our questions on life and treating others. He shows us how when someone mistreats us, we’re to turn the other cheek and look them in the eye, offering them the opportunity to slap us again. He shows us how to dismantle our pride, which is a massive problem in our society. He was totally chill and awesome. He knew when to smack a few and when to be silent.

Jesus was crazy. But the right kind of crazy. The kind of craziness the world needs. He came not only to save us. But to show us how to live radically, how to live rightly! We could learn a lot from this life wrecker! (And when I say that, I say it with all the love and respect in me.)


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