What was the point of Jesus’ life on earth?


Jesus showed us how to live. He proved that death was not the enemy. His acceptance and even his calling of the outcasts turned (and still turns) society on it’s head. In a world that teaches us independence and lays a foundation of self-focus, Jesus teaches dependence on God and one another, giving ourselves for another’s cause. He showed us that the natural, physical, cause-and-effect realm is not the only way to live. Jesus lived a life anchored beyond the natural, performing supernatural wonders. He demonstrated that heaven is much closer than we expected and it is completely relevant.

The religious leaders and lawyers of Jesus day firmly believed in hierarchy. They believed in working hard to earn favour and respect. Jesus came along, teaching today’s equivalent of high school dropouts, drug addicts, terrorists and prostitutes. He made such people a part of his inner circle; men and women without respect in society. This challenged everything the leaders and lawyers lived for. Jesus was exposing the frailty of the pillars these people religiously held to. But Jesus didn’t just contradict their lifestyles, he corrected and adjust the people’s understanding of God; for this the religious accused Jesus of blasphemy (insulting God’s name).

The people thought they were doing good by giving out of their abundance, holding back from their enemies and praying the right things to earn God’s love. Jesus showed them a widow that gave only a few cents, but explained that she had the greater heart, because she gave all that she had. He taught them to love their enemies, as he forgave the men that nailed him to a cross. Jesus demonstrated a God who loves unconditionally as he forgave sins, healed the sick, raised the dead, fed the hungry and set people free from demons.

Jesus life showed us that heaven, a place of healing, forgiveness, love and joy was much nearer than we expected. He proved that God was a loving father, ready to accept his children back with open arms. And he lived to set the standard, to be the best example possible of how the rest of us may live.


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