Happy Moment

My happiest moments are when I’m overtaken by the magnificence of what’s around me. When there’s something so much bigger than what I’m feeling taking place. To single out one moment would be hard for anyone to define as their happiest memory. I honestly can’t say there is one event that takes the cake. There are some standout moments though. Moments when all I could think about was all that was around me.

This actually happens a lot. When I’m flying, playing music, worshipping with hungry people, surrounded by the shear beauty of nature, or surrounded by the people I love and cherish.

One moment that does stick out was while we were in Mongolia, our team toured a gorge in the Gobi Desert. The rock faces were edgy and menacing. The grass was velvet green. The streams were crystal clear and ice cold. There were goats, cows and all sorts of birds. I remember hiking through, longing to stay and live there. It was a stark contrast to the poverty and ruin we saw in the city. There was so much to be thankful for in that gorge. But even being in the city, it was fun to interact with the people and hear their stories.

Every time I find myself wanting to stay in the moment, there’s always something that is so far beyond me that I’m experiencing. True happiness is found in being overwhelmed by the mass of beauty and joy around you. Being happy is being so involved in the moment that you never want to leave. But happiness is also seeing beauty in the world around you, no matter where you go. Because that beauty I saw in Mongolia, I see in Mattawa.

The awesome nature, the fun people, it’s all here. It doesn’t look the same, but it feels the same.


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