It’s how we respond to opportunity that defines us. It’s how we identify opportunity that defines us. Some people spend an entire lifetime looking, waiting patiently for the right opportunity. Others make a life out of creating opportunity. Some opportunity is good right from the start. Others can end up being a distraction from what you originally intended. Many opportunities will be obvious and presented in a way that is hard to miss. Others are like diamonds in the rough and they must be mined,searched out. No matter what the case, if we are willing to take a step of faith, to respond as best we can to each scenario life presents, we will find ourselves in the middle of opportunity more than we would expect.

I’m a firm believer that you can set yourself up for opportunity. By simply focusing on your strengths and putting into practice what’s really inside you to do, you prepare for moments when all you have is required of you. Opportunity is not always a pleasant presentation. There are people who took the tragedy in their lives and turned it into opportunity. Jesus often spoke highly of taking what you have and making the most of it. Paul, ma ny times in his letters, would encourage his friends to see their trials as blessings.

It is evident that our responses to life on a daily basis will actually create opportunities. It’s for us to discern which opportunities will lead us in the best direction.



Location: Moosehead Rock

There are two rivers that flow through Mattawa: the Ottawa River, and the Mattawa River. Highway 533 travels along the Ottawa River for a short distance. Just outside of town on this highway, the rocks jut out into the river. The trees create a great haven for resting, the rocks are a wonderful spot for sun bathing. The view is spectacular.

As you leave the highway, stumble down a rugged path and walk into the thin forestry, to your right is the town of Mattawa, to your left is the Ottawa River and the Laurentian Mountains. On the ground is a bed of pine needles, littered with shrubs, rocks, broken beer bottles and the odd pop can. This spot is common for small parties and make-out sessions. The burned-black rock pits are a dead giveaway of any recent shenanigans.

Jade and I will sit out in the sun, on the bare rock, looking over the river and the mountains. With a blue sky, hot sun and cool breeze (the Ottawa river cools down the surrounding air considerably), there is no way anyone is only going to spend 30 minutes here.

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Taking advantage of opportunity.

Opportunities can be some crazy risky business. They either make or break your life. Opportunity has a way of knocking of your life’s door and it’s up to you to answer it. You can embrace what’s coming at you or just slam the door back in it’s face. By snatching it up, in a moment your life’s path can be changed. That’s how insane opportunity is.

I like to jump at opportunities. At least the opportunities I think will work out for my own benefit. Then there are times when opportunity comes in a form you were not expecting it to come in. Leaving you standing, staring, feeling completely uncomfortable.

And that’s when opportunity is a risk.

Every one handles risks differently. Some thrive on them. Others shy away from the very sight of them. Hey, the unknown is some scary business. But think back on all the opportunities that have come your way so far. Where would you be if you didn’t take advantage of it? Maybe life would be better. Maybe not.

Life and opportunities are all about taking risks, whether they are big or small. They’re tough, unknown, and crazy! Yet when you look back, a lot of the time, that risk was so worth it.

Each day holds a new opportunity. It’s up to you whether or not to take advantage of it. And that’s when I say . . .Go for it. Take a chance. You never know what may come of it!