Simple but not easy!

Down to earth. Raw. Back to the basics. Earthy.

These are some things that come to mind when I think of simplicity.

“Lacking in today’s society” is another thought.

It’s pretty much considered extreme to live simply now, which is slightly on the ironic side. We live in a super sized age that embraces an extreme American dream. Big houses. Hot cars. Bigger and better is best. Really “simplicity” is not even in the picture. (I’m not condoning those who do live this way. Some really awesome people come out of these scenes.)

What runs through my head is that just maybe we live a little bit too extravagantly. When we embrace extravagance, we start to loose gratitude for the little things in life. And when that’s the case, we put ourselves in a potentially dangerous position.

As Christians, I feel as if we have come off the simple path. We’ve gotten too involved and so distracted in things that really don’t matter. Thinking about it, Jesus made it pretty simple.


Love not the way the world does, but a crazy radical love. A love that embraces the outcast and recognizes everyone, including those we despise most as people and seeing Christ in them.

It’s simple really. But no one said simple was easy.

I love one of Mother Teresa’s quotes,

“ Following Jesus is simple, but not easy. Love until it hurts, then love some more.”

It pretty much sums it up.


Embrace it.

See where it takes you!


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