I think deep down in the hearts of everyone, there is a longing for peace. From the ambitions of our country’s leaders to the hearts of the mother’s of the terrorists, peace is one of our core desires. Whether it’s just in ourselves, for our heart and mind, in our everyday life situations or in the world, to some extent we want peace.

Unfortunately, we live in a world full of turmoil, prejudice, anger and greed. It’s hard to know what true peace is. Or how to bring peace to a place who’s first instinct is to fight it out, believing that peace comes by the tip of the sword so to say. Sure, many things are worth fighting for. I would go to the extent to say they’re worth dying for. But killing for? That’s a whole different ball game in my eyes . . .

Peace is living in harmony with others and ourselves. It’s learning to be acceptive of differences, because there is no freaking way we’re all going to think the same way! In a way, to be peaceful you have to be selfless and put others in your best interest.

That’s our problem. Pride. We’re too full of ourselves. I’m too full of myself. With pride in the way, there’s no room for love. There’s no room for peace.

If we start addressing hate with love, greed with selflessness, prejudice with openness, I think peace will start to develop. Not necessarily on a wide scale, but in yourself. Find peace with yourself and with God then let it flow out, intoxicating the world.


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