Find yourself in God. It is then you’ll find rest.

“You Americans, you don’t know how to rest!” Her Italian accent chimes through the speakers of my TV as I sit ending my day watching Julia Roberts newest Eat, Pray, Love. This film I found captivating in general, making me completely envious of her country hopping. Italy, India, Bali . . . my eyes ate it up. The movie ends and I sigh, thinking “one day that will be me . . . ” That one line stuck with me. There really is a lot of truth to it. North Americans don’t know how to rest.

It seems to me that in our culture we almost feel guilty about resting. Or we feel this need to constantly do, that when we come to a time where we can’t do anything, we don’t know how to handle it. There’s resting, grabbing a good book, munching, and plopping into our favourite comfy spot. Then there is “resting”, quieting yourself, finding silence around you and not doing anything BUT being silent. It’s getting your mind, your heart, your whole being to be content doing nothing. I’m not saying becoming like this all the time, that’s just pure laziness.

When you allow yourself to rest, like actually rest, you come to a point where there are no worries. You kind of find yourself. And if it’s your motivation, you find God. When you come to rest in God, your worries are no longer your own and can come to a point where they are completely gone.

And that is when you experience true rest.


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