What are We Worth?

Man has this God given drive to succeed. We were given the world and told to tame it. The need for accomplishment, the primal urge for success has driven Man to murder. But even such extreme measures will not satisfy the eternal longing in our core being for worth.

Our determination of accomplishment shapes our sense of self-worth. Success is largely self-driven. We will define our standards of success to match our desire for value. If we have a low opinion of ourselves, the standards of success we hold to might be low enough to meet our apparent lack of ability. But there are those whose low opinions fuel high standards. They strive to be more than what they currently make themselves out to be. Also, the people with high opinions may sway either way; where in their own eyes they are good enough without asking too much of themselves, or they must maintain high standards to be as much of a success as they currently are.

People, men and women, will largely look to the world around them to determine if they are successful enough. But all of it ends up falling short.

Success is accomplishment, becoming whole, making something that was previously incomplete, complete. It’s setting out with an aim and a target, and hitting the target where you were aiming. All of us have our ideas of success and usually we all fall short, or it is never enough. One success will fuel the need for a greater accomplishment. So on the road to your target, you never really arrive, because the target consistently moves.

In a shifting, changing world, success can be elusive. It wouldn’t be so valuable if it were easy to attain. The question comes down to, after all our successes and failures, what are we worth? How much value do we have? Everything around us says the result of our actions will determine our worth. But what determines our actions?

Attitude. What we believe at our core, what we think, how we think. Yes, actions determine success, but attitudes determine actions, so our attitude will really actually determine how we define success. But what if you have the right attitude and the wrong actions? You seek to help a person, but you end up hurting them. Pure and simple, you have failed. That is, you’ve failed if the standard was the result of your actions.

What if the standard was our attitude? Unfortunately, cities are not built on attitudes alone. So success may be a combination of action and attitude. That gets complicated, who’s to judge the right combination? Who is to judge our attitudes and actions accurately?

We were created to succeed, to accomplish a mighty work, but we were also created incapable of doing anything significant, completely on our own. We want to determine our value? Let’s talk to the one who created us.


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