Imagination is a material to be fashioned. Creativity is a tool. Colours, sounds, smells, tastes, textures, feelings, all are at our disposal. Imagination allows us to create. You don’t have to follow rules with imagination.

As a child you don’t know the rules yet, you don’t understand boundaries. Imagination is a ribbon tied to every experience, pulling, leading, wrapping around our perception. As an adult, we cut the ribbons of imagination because we’ve learned how wrong our imagination is most of the time. We think reality shapes our imagination.

It can. Many have lived full lives allowing reality to dictate which colours, smells, tastes, textures, and sounds are real. They’ve seen happiness, but have rarely caught joy. There are a growing number of inspired individuals who understand the rules, but still allow the ribbons of their imagination to wrap around their ideas and environments.

Gravity would be one of those rules. Gravity is very real and clearly understood by everyone, but it was imagination that led ingenuity to the breakthroughs of human flight. Now we know that gravity may be used in it’s own defiance. When an airplane dives to the ground, with the right guidance, submitting to gravity like that can generate lift. Some would say that is science. I agree. True science is inspired and imaginative.

Galileo, the Wright brothers, Albert Einstein, Thomas Edison, they all imagined a world better than their own. They worked with their understanding and imagination to see that better world begin to materialize.

Imagination allows us to think outside of our world and experience life outside of our rules. Our imaginations are inherent from our Creator. They prove our Heavenly kin. Father in Heaven, God, Papa, has the greatest imagination in Eternity, and he’s passed it onto us. He gave us a world to use for our creative desires and he is inspired as we pursue inspiration.

Despite any environment that surrounds them, imaginative people will change their environments.


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