Dreams are Meant to be Chased

Close your eyes. Explore your mind for just a moment. Remember the
days when you were a child. All you did was imagine. Everything around
you, you could change and within a moment  become lost in a world
other than the one you lived in. You were invincible, indestructible.
Nothing and no-one could harm you. From pirates to the president, a
hero to a villain, you could be any one. Imagining yourself in the
most impossible situations, you could come out a conqueror.  Life was
so simple and so incredible. Then the inevitable happened. Time. As is
typical  when stepping into this new chapter of life,  you left the
majourity of your imagination buried in the pages of childhood behind
you. Casting it aside as “childish.” Lacking knowledge of the fact
that when you drop your imagination, you drop a part of yourself.

Unfortunately, imagination is something we are often discouraged to
pursue, since it isn’t reality.  But in all reality, a lack of
imagination is a lack of life! Our imagination holds a huge piece of
our character, who we as individuals are. It shows in the craziest of
ways what we dream and what we want to achieve in life. The greatest
known people are the people who thought of something crazy and  had
the guts to make the picture they had in their head happen. Most of
the time they were scoffed at for their “foolishness,”  but look at
where they’ve gotten us in the world. From  Dr. Seuss to Albert
Einstein, imagination was their essence in life! It brought out their
passions, which they turned into reality, making the world an even
more extraordinary place!

Now imagine this. Close your eyes and go off again. Go off to where
it’s just you and your imagination and there is nothing holding you
back. Nothing, but freedom. Freedom to dream and make your dreams
real. You speak out despite any discouragements. You chase, you catch
and you do. Without being childish, become childlike once again and
believe in imagination. It’s the ground on which dreams are set on.
And dreams are meant to be chased.


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